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NYC Chocolate Show 2010

On Sunday, I attended the annual NYC Chocolate Show for the first time and it left me spinning from the fun and sugar rush. I’ve always appreciated chocolate as a sweet treat, but I don’t think I realized what an … Continue reading

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I love my desserts, but I’ve never been a cupcake fanatic so I never made it an occasion to visit Crumbs to try out its famously delicious cupcakes until recently, when an out-of-town friend wanted to try its cupcakes. Upon entering the store, … Continue reading

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Japanese BBQ…mmm-mmm… It’s been a few months (yes…i know…someone’s been slacking :p ) but I still remember enjoying dinner over a nice, warm grill with my friends. Ah…memories  🙂 It’s been awhile so I can’t really give a detailed account … Continue reading

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Happy new year, everyone! Since it’s a new year, I decided we’d start it off with something sweet =)…so I introduce to you Spot dessert bar. Fatty Mama and I decided to drop by for some post-dinner desserts after I … Continue reading

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Mmmmm…chickennnn… I never thought I would ever crave fried chicken because I don’t tend to  purposefully go to a place for oily, greasy foods, but Boka’s Bon Chon chicken is anything but greasy and oily. My friends and I were … Continue reading

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In celebration of the birthdays of my friends, Sweetpea and Bella, we decided to head out to the Lower East Side for some Austrian food. Based on a friend’s recommendation, Sweetpea suggested that we try out a restaurant called Katja. … Continue reading

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Baoguette Cafe

Growl, growls, growlsssssssssssssssss After browsing through the bookstores around Union Square/ St. Marks one day, my tummy decided to speak to me. And it said that it was hungry!!! So I decided to make my hungry tummy happy by searching … Continue reading

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