NYC Chocolate Show 2010

On Sunday, I attended the annual NYC Chocolate Show for the first time and it left me spinning from the fun and sugar rush. I’ve always appreciated chocolate as a sweet treat, but I don’t think I realized what an art and experience it is until now. Originally, I thought I’d be quickly bored because I expected that I’d be walking from table to table of vendors, all trying to sell me plain, old chocolates. But after entering the show and hovering around the first few tables, I realized that everything there was anything but plain or boring. The show was an explosion of flavors, a stage for couture, a gallery of art, and a classroom devoted to sweets.

The show consisted of over 40 chocolate exhibitors from all over the world; each offered a taste of his/her delight with free samples. I had the chance to experience the richness of traditional chocolates (e.g. chocolate truffles with cocoa powder, milk chocolates, dark chocolates) and the flirtation of  uniquely-flavored chocolates (e.g. chocolates with lemongrass, wasabi-and-chocolate-covered rice grains, and tea-infused chocolates).

Not only did the show offer a sampling of delights, but it also highlighted chocolate-making as an art in its display of numerous chocolate sculptures and fashion pieces. The show’s culinary theater offered hourly cooking demonstrations by famous dessert chefs, who served up both cooking tips and tasty treats.

The chocolate show was a whirlwind of fun and flavors. Here’s a photo recap of that day:


Food landscape by Carl Warner

Opened cacao pod, the fruit from which cacao comes from

Green tea/chocolate covered rice grains

Ginger covered cacao beans

Truffle balls!

Chocolates everywhere!

Eek! Creepy chocolate sculpture

Chocolate Couture


Cooking demonstrations led by famous dessert chefs

Danielle Kyrillos (judge from Top Chef Just Desserts) hosting the cooking demos

Chef Joelle Mahoney (from Chocolaterie Maya) signing my autograph =)

Cake decorating

After sampling all those chocolates in one day, I experienced my first chocolate overdose– my legs felt wobbly and jittery and my stomach was full, but oh boy, it was worth it!

Unfortunately, the chocolate show is now over in New York City, but here’s a link to the website if you’re interested in learning more about the show, which travels internationally.

New York Show website:

International website:

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