I love my desserts, but I’ve never been a cupcake fanatic so I never made it an occasion to visit Crumbs to try out its famously delicious cupcakes until recently, when an out-of-town friend wanted to try its cupcakes. Upon entering the store, I was bedazzled by the different varieties of cupcakes it offered– from the traditional, plain vanilla and chocolate flavors to the more exotic fruit-inspired choices to the rich, creamy special creations.

In the mood for something fruity, I chose the Apple Cobbler cupcake ($3.75). The fist-sized cupcake was made of a cinnamon cake base with apple preserve bits in the center. It was covered with a layer of vanilla cream cheese frosting sprinkled with crumbly, sugary streusels and topped with apple preserves with a dash of cinnamon. The cake was soft and moist with a subtle hint of spices that didn’t distract from the other flavors of the cupcake. To my surprise, even with the vanilla cream cheese frosting and the preserves jam, the cupcake was light on the stomach. Not only did the cupcake not feel too heavy, but it was the perfect level of sweetness; the mild cream cheese flavor balanced the sweetness of the frosting and the apple preserves, so that all the different flavors were brought out in the overall cupcake. By the time I was finished, not a crumb was left!

Crumbs/ Various locations in New York City/

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