Japanese BBQ…mmm-mmm…

It’s been a few months (yes…i know…someone’s been slacking :p ) but I still remember enjoying dinner over a nice, warm grill with my friends. Ah…memories  🙂

It’s been awhile so I can’t really give a detailed account of my experience and the food as I usually do. Hopefully, the pictures will give you some ideas.

The restaurant is quite BIG, but it’s still a good idea to make reservations beforehand because it is a popular restaurant, especially with their 50% off Happy Hour specials and Sunday specials on select meats. Reservations can be made via OpenTable.  Most of the tables are booths, offering some privacy and intimacy for each party.

We were seated at a booth in the back section of the restaurant, which felt like an individual private section. I felt special. Hehe.

From my recollection, the menu offered a wide variety of meats, which were mostly beef and steak, including those you would normally see at a Korean restaurant. However, they also offered lamb, duck, pork, seafood and vegetables wrapped in foil. Besides the BBQ, Gyu-kaku seemed to have a mix of Korean and Japanese food like bibimpap, ramen, salad, edamame, kimchi, etc.

For our yummy meal, we ordered different meats for the BBQ. Each meat comes marinated in a special sauce of your choice (e.g. garlic with lemon juice, shio with lemon juice, tare with house dipping sauce). Besides the BBQ, we also ordered chicken garlic noodles and tofu jigae.


veggies, noodles, rice, meat, meat and MEATTTTT

Cooking up the grill

 Oooooo…a cool part about our meal was that we received complimentary food in return for filling out a short survey about our dining experience. We had a choice of soda/beer, smores, or ice cream. What did we choose?

Of course, SWEETSSSSSS!!!

Each survey could be exchanged for one item, so we had ice cream AND smores. Hehe.

I had a pretty good experience at Gyu-kaku. It was a lot of fun cooking and chatting with friends. And the most memorable part I remember as we left the restaurant was: we didn’t smell!!! Haha. ( They must have an awesome ventilation system. No BBQ stench at all.)


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One Response to Gyu-kaku

  1. Lisa says:

    heheh, definitely worth a trip back!! Good food and pleasing atmosphere~~ I like how I’m way to focused on my marshmallow ^_^!


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