Pickled Chili Mango

Is it sweet?

Is it salty?

Is it sour?

Is it spicy?

It’s all of those combined! It’s PICKLED CHILI MANGO!!!

So Zombie Killer and I were grocery shopping one day and came upon these things. Upon seeing the words “Pickled Mango (chilli)”, I thought “Hmm… I wonder how that would taste?”, so I grabbed a bag and headed for the register. As weird as they might sound, they taste pretty good, but they’re kind of hard to digest for some reason. I think they’re a good snack for when you’re bored and want some flavoring in your mouth.

P.S. They’re very mild in terms of spiciness, so don’t fret if you don’t do well with spicy foods.

P.P.S. In case you’re wondering, they’re a product of Thailand.

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2 Responses to Pickled Chili Mango

  1. Lisa says:

    Hard to digest? Is it because its preserved so its more rubbery to chew? Hmm… the only pickled thing I can recall eating frequently is pickled turnip with congee or scrambled eggs, which will definitely be too salty to snack on by itself~ But mad curious about this mango variation!


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