I never thought I would ever crave fried chicken because I don’t tend to  purposefully go to a place for oily, greasy foods, but Boka’s Bon Chon chicken is anything but greasy and oily.


Bonchon chicken!!!

My friends and I were planning a dinner gathering one day and one of them, Zombie Killer, said she was craving Bon Chon Chicken so we all decided to go to Boka for some delicious Korean fried chicken. As you can see from the picture above, they are quite drool-worthy. The Bon Chon Chicken comes in soy garlic flavor and hot flavor.

What’s so amazing about Bon Chon Chicken you may ask?



Take a closer look! The chicken wings and drumsticks (which you can order separately or combined) have a light, crispy skin that is marinated to perfection. The chicken skin is so light and crispy that it feels like you’re biting into a flaky potato chip. As you bite through the skin, you can sink your teeth into the meatiness of the wing or drumstick, which is nice and tender. Not only is the texture just right, but the chicken is flavored so that it’s slightly salty, enhanced by a little garlic, without being so sodium-and-MSG-filled that it makes you want grab a gallon of water to quench your thirst.

In short: it’s yum yum!

We also ordered japchae (clear noodles stir-fried with sesame oil, different vegetables, and sometimes meat) at Boka. I don’t really remember much about it because this dinner was about 2 months ago. However, I remember thinking it was pretty good at the time. Here’s a picture to satisfy your curiosity.



Although the food was good at Boka, the service can use some improvement. I have a few qualms about my dinner there. A few days before the dinner, I made a reservation for ten people and everything seemed fine. However, on the night of the dinner, after we already ate a few dishes and wanted to order more, the waitress informed us that we needed to order a minimum of $80 because we made reservations for a party of at least 6 people. This was never mentioned during the phone call I made for the reservation nor was this mentioned before we ordered our food. Needless to say, my friends and I were not pleased by this surprise notice.

Another problem was when we wanted to upgrade the size of our chicken plate a couple of minutes after we ordered, the waitress told us she couldn’t upgrade the size for us. We were a bit confused as to why it could not be done because the food was even not cooked yet since we only ordered approximately ten minutes before. After questioning her a few times, the waitress finally changed the order size for us.

A third problem was…not really a problem, but I was a bit displeased that after all the headaches they gave us, they did not give us the complimentary pickled carrots.

In my opinion, the chicken wings are EXCELLENT, but the service makes me weary about eating there. Perhaps it was a busy night, so the service was off par. I only ate there once before this dinner outing so I can’t judge, but all the headaches associated with the poor service made the dinner less enjoyable than it should have been.

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