Milka Milkinis

Hello my dear readers,

I have sooooooo many blog posts to write up because Hungry Tummy’s been very hungry and has been eating everywhere. I’m a little bit too lazy to do a real post tonight, so I’ll just tempt you with a little snack…



(Sorry for the glare…bad lighting in the room =p)

I’ve been in love with a new chocolate bar I found called Milka Bar. I’ve only had the Swiss Alpine Cream flavor before, which was really delicious because the cream gave the chocolate a slightly smoother texture that would cause the chocolate to linger a little longer in your mouth. I think that also enhanced the milk flavor a bit more. It wasn’t until this weekend that I also discovered that they come in the flavors of hazelnut and strawberry. Mmmm…

Apparently these yummy goodness also come in miniature forms as Milka Milkinis!!! =D


This is the milk flavored one. =)





“Alpine milk chocolate filled with a milk filling.”  Droolssssss =)*

Hope I didn’t make everyone get a sweet tooth suddenly! Hehe.

::tummy growls::

Hungry Tummy

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