Baoguette Cafe

Growl, growls, growlsssssssssssssssss

After browsing through the bookstores around Union Square/ St. Marks one day, my tummy decided to speak to me. And it said that it was hungry!!! So I decided to make my hungry tummy happy by searching around for something cheap and convenient to eat. Since I was in the mood for a sandwich, I decided to give Baoguette Cafe a try.

Baoguette Cafe serves a small selection of Vietnamese-style sandwiches (known as Banh Mi), noodles, and salads. I decided to order the Classic Baoguette Sandwich, which seemed like a popular choice because I heard a few other people order “the Classic” as well. After I ordered my food, the cashier welcomed me to take a seat at a table. The restaurant was small, but clean and comfortable, with only a few tables and a noodle bar counter. As I waited for food, I took in all the colorful pictures of the modern life sceneries in Vietnam along the walls.




After waiting for a bit, the cashier brought me my “Classic” and poured me a cold cup of water without even being asked. (Brownie points! 🙂 ) And now, to you, I present the “Classic”.



The "Classic"

The Classic Vietnamese Sandwich consists of pork terine, pate, char siu (roasted pork), cucumbers, pickled carrots and white radish, cilantro, a little bit of white sauce, and the option of jalapeno peppers. The sandwich was tasty and refreshing with its different tones of flavors. The char siu was tender, juicy, and sweet, while the vegetables were tangy and crisp. The jalapenos also added an extra kick. Despite all the different flavors, they were grounded with the oven-toasted flavor of the warm French bread. Although the sandwich was delicious, I felt the bread could have been a bit warmer and a teeny bit less dry on the outer layer. Otherwise, the sandwich was excellent. 🙂

I was really satisfied with my $5 sandwich. It was everything I could ask for on a hot summer day. It was fresh, tasty, and filling. The service was great; the cashier even refilled my cup of water without asking. (Brownie points again!)  When I paid, I dropped a little extra in her tip jar. As I was paying, I noticed that Baoguette Cafe also has traditional Vietnamese flavored, soft-serve ice cream, which included the Durian fruit flavor. It’s not my favorite fruit because of its stinkiness, but I’m intrigued and I can’t wait to go back and try it another time. Overall, I had a really great experience at Baoguette Cafe 🙂 .

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