NYC Cravings Truck

I crave, I crave, I crave…some Taiwanese food!

One day, I decided to tag along with my friends, Fatty Mama and Big Buddha, on their quest to follow the NYC Cravings Truck. The NYC Cravings Truck is known for serving quick Taiwanese food to go. It travels around the city and operates at a different location every day from 11am to 2pm. Not wanting to miss the truck, we raced through the subways and through the streets of Park Slope to be welcomed by a custard yellow truck.

The NYC Cravings truck!!! =D

The NYC Cravings truck!!! =D

I jumped for joy at the sight of the truck and ran up to take a look at the menu, which is focused on Taiwanese-style fried meat over rice with the secret pork sauce.  You have a choice of fried pork chops, chicken, or fish cake. It also offers a snack platter (which is tea egg over rice with the pork sauce) and dumplings. The selection of beverages is well-assorted, ranging from the typical, popular Asian drinks (like Vitasoy juices/milk and grass jelly drink) to soda and water.

We ordered the Taiwanese-style fried pork chop over rice with secret pork sauce. Our tummies growled as we waited for our food. We watched as the truck owner freshly fried our pork chops. Each second we waited made my tummy cry out louder.



After a little while, my hungry tummy was finally placated with this lovely dish. Taiwanese-style fried pork chop…mmm mmm….


How was the food? The two, big pieces of fried pork chops definitely helped fill up my tummy. It was nicely fried, but bland. It did not have much flavor at all. The secret pork sauce was excellent; it was salty and flavored with some Chinese spices. If more secret pork sauce was given, it could have helped enhance the flavor of the pork chops. The pickled vegetables were also very good and felt fresh to the bite. And the rice was cooked just right.

It was a decent meal for the price, but I was a bit disappointed. Having had this dish in Asia before, the flavoring and texture of the pork chops fell below my expectations. There was not enough sauce over the pork chops. From what I remember of my Taiwanese-style pork chops in Asia, the pork chops were really flavored, as if they were marinated in the sauce. I was also a little upset that the tea egg was not included with the dish since it is typically a part of this dish. I think the meal was okay, but nothing special. It’ s not something I would trek for again, but might consider having if I’m in the neighborhood.

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3 Responses to NYC Cravings Truck

  1. Athena Chang says:

    Great blog! I want to try some too…!


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