La Sultana Del Valle

Last Saturday, my friend (Little Yells-a-Lot) and I were stewing away with boredom in the summer heat. Suddenly, my friend exclaimed “Let’s do something!” That’s when we decided to go on a food hunt around her neighborhood and that’s when we landed upon La Sultana Del Valle– a piece of Colombia in Chinatown. Since it was the only Colombian restaurant on Brooklyn’s 8th Avenue, which is known as another Chinatown in New York City, we decided we must give La Sultana a try.

When we walked in, we were welcomed to sit anywhere we liked in the small restaurant of about 10 or 12 tables. The tables were simple and unadorned with only a few bottles of sauce on the side. The place was nice and clean; it had a mom-and-pop kind of feel.

Little Yells-a-Lot and I decided to share a dish together since we were no longer hungry after wandering around in the sweltering heat. We ordered the chorizo with arepa for appetizer and the Bandeja Campesina (Country Plate), which is a popular dish at the restaurant, for the main dish. Not really knowing what to expect, we waited patiently for our food… and got this!

Chorizo with arepa

Chorizo with arepa

Our appetizers came first. The chorizo and arepa were hot and fresh off the grill! The chorizo (Spanish pork sausage) was nicely cooked with a crispy outer skin and a juicy & meaty inside flavored with some spices. Thinking about it still makes me drool. =D*** The arepa (a bread made from cornmeal) was a bit plain and did not have much flavor.

Next, came our main dish: the long-awaited Bandeja Campesina!!!

Bandeja Campesina

Bandeja Campesina

When it arrived, our eyes bulged. =O The dish was HUMONGOUS! It came with a lot of food: marinated grilled steak, fried pork, maduros, chorizo, arepa, rice, beans, and an egg. My sentiments about this dish?

Marinated grilled steak- It was a bit dry and not seasoned very well

Fried pork- It was fried well and crunchy, but kind of bland

Maduros (Cooked plaintains)- I think they were grilled and had a good texture, which was soft but still firm when you bit into it

Arepa- It was kind of bland and was a bit tough to chew after it cooled down

The rice, beans, eggs, and chorizo were delicious. The beans flavored the rice quite nicely with its sauce when you ate them together. Seeing another chorizo definitely put a smile on my face. πŸ˜€

Besides the food, I also ordered the passion fruit juice. It was sooo good but a tad bit too sweet. I was glad that it came in a pitcher, so that I had more than plenty for myself.

My leftover passion fruit juice that I took to go. You can actually see grinded pieces of passion fruit!

My leftover passion fruit juice that I took to go. You can actually see grinded pieces of passion fruit!

I was content with my lunch at La Sultana Del Valle. The portions were massive. Little Yells-a-Lot and I still had 1/8 of the dish left when we finally gave up, even though we had multiple eating breaks. I think I would definitely come back for the chorizo, but I wasn’t too impressed with the other food. I might give the other dishes a try when I come back for my chorizo πŸ˜‰

::tummy growls::

Hungry Tummy

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