My First Post: Welcome =)

Hey all,

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my hungry tummy! Instead of starting out the first post with a story about my food adventures, I thought I’d share with you about why I wanted to start this blog.

See all those menus and restaurant business cards?


Other than proving that I’m a giant junk rat who likes to keep everything, it also shows that I’ve eaten at a lot of random places and I don’t remember anything about what I’ve eaten and where, unless they are mind-blowing good.

Hopefully, this blog will help me remember all the yumminess that I enjoy and all the awesome times I have with my friends (some of whom I would like to refer to as fellow fatties…you know who you are 😉 and we have no shame in our titles…haha).

Well, thanks for dropping by! You can click on the “About” link above to learn a little more about me. Stay tuned for my next post about my most recent food outing!

::tummy growls::

Hungry Tummy

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